Root Canals

Beck Dental Care in Columbia, TN uses root canal treatment to save infected teeth and relieve toothaches. Our Columbia, TN dentist perform painless root canal procedures that remove all the damaged material and leave you with a practically brand-new tooth.

If you have a toothache or suspect you need root canals, call our dental office today at 931-398-5265 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beck, Dr. Hart, or one of our other qualified Columbia, TN dentist.

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What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals remove the infected nerve and pulp from the interior of your tooth. This relieves any pain you might have and keeps the infection from spreading to other teeth. There are many myths regarding root canals, but there is only one thing you need to be aware of: Root canals can give your natural tooth a second chance, and that is always the best option.

Does a Root Canals Hurt?

Beck Dental Care uses both local anesthetic and dental sedation to make sure that you have a totally pain-free root canals experience. Usually in one visit, you can come to our office with a problem tooth and leave with a healthy one thanks to our modern root canal treatment in Columbia, TN.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

  • Toothache or Other Severe Dental Pain
  • Extremely Sensitive Tooth
  • Discolored Tooth
  • Swollen and Tender Gum Tissue
  • Pimple on Your Gums That Won’t Go Away (Abscess)

Let Beck Dental Care Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

Call our Columbia, TN dental office today at 931-398-5265 to schedule your painless root canal treatment in Columbia, TN with the professionals at Beck Dental Care. Use our online form to ask questions, leave comments, or schedule your treatment as well.