I’m Having a Hard Time Chewing

Dr. Oates on helping patients who are having trouble chewing Read Transcript

Damaged and missing teeth make eating less of a joy and more of a chore. Beck Dental Care in Columbia, TN believes eating a good meal comfortably should not be a privilege but a right. We have more than 40 years of experience helping people who have a hard time chewing the foods they love. Our dentists can replace your missing or failing teeth with dental implants, one of the most effective, durable, and natural-looking tooth replacement options.

Start enjoying your meals again. Call our dental office at 931-398-5265 for an evaluation with one of our dental implant experts. We have many implant options to fit your situation.

Dr. Beck on treating a patient who is having trouble chewing Read Transcript

Three Benefits of Dental Implants in Columbia, TN

There are three main reasons dental implants are the solution of choice for many of our patients when it comes to rebuilding a functional smile.

  • Stability – Dental implants fully bond with your jawbone. This gives you a stable, permanent hold that surpasses any other tooth replacement option. With help from Beck Dental Care, you won’t ever have to worry about your teeth moving around again.
  • Appearance – Dentures can slip, bridges can shift, but dental implants stay right where they should be. This means that you and your smile will look completely normal, no matter what you are doing, saying, or eating.
  • Life-Long Solution – With proper care and upkeep from Beck Dental Care, your dental implants can last the rest of your life. Other tooth replacement options, in contrast, have a life span of just a few years to about 15 years. Make the sound investment your smile deserves, and get dental implants from Beck Dental Care.

Dental Implants: The New Teeth You Have Been Waiting For

Call our Columbia, TN dental office today at 931-398-5265 to find out how our dental implant experts can help you chew easily again. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment and ask questions about your treatment as well.