I’m Embarrassed to Smile

Dr. Beck on treating a patient who is embarrassed to smile Read Transcript

Do you hesitate before you smile? Are you embarrassed by the way your teeth look? Beck Dental Care in Columbia, TN understands what that’s like, so we’ve made it our mission to ensure no one has to live second-guessing the appearance of their smile. We offer a full line of cosmetic dentistry services that can give you the best-looking smile possible.

Regain your confidence with help from Dr. Beck, Dr. Hart, and our team of experts. Call our office at 931-398-5265 to schedule a consultation today.

Improve Your Look and Boost Your Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Oates on helping patients who are embarrassed to smile Read Transcript
  • Dental Veneers – Let our skilled dental team craft custom dental veneers specifically for your smile. Whether you have chips, cracks, or even stubborn dental stains, dental veneers from Beck Dental Care can hide your flaws.
  • Teeth Whitening – You can waste your time and money buying teeth whitening products at the grocery store, or you can get the brilliant white teeth you want with professional teeth whitening at Beck Dental Care. Our at-home dental whitening will give you amazing results that last far longer than anything you’ll find in aisle 19.
  • Six Month Smiles – Busy adults don’t want to deal with metal brackets and wires filling their smile while they socialize or interact with colleagues. So, how do you straighten your teeth without hurting your appearance? We may have the answer you’ve been looking for: Six Month Smiles. In only a few months, these clear brackets and tooth-colored wires can straighten your crooked teeth and give you the flawless smile you’ve always wanted.
  • Smile Makeover – If your smile needs several treatments to make it look the way you want, a smile makeover may be the option for you. Our cosmetic dental team will evaluate your situation with you and work up a unique treatment plan to get your smile looking great as fast and efficiently as possible.

Find Your New and Better Smile at Beck Dental Care

Call our cosmetic dentistry experts today at 931-398-5265 to find out how we can help your smile be as bright and beautiful as you deserve. You can schedule your appointment by using our online form as well.