Veneers: A Quick Cosmetic Fix For Your Smile [BLOG]

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If you were to name any number of problems you have with your smile, chances are there is one cosmetic solution that could solve them all. We’re talking about veneers, the quick cosmetic fix that lasts long after you get them!

Our team at Beck Dental Care have seen lives changed for the better time and again thanks to veneers and how they transform smiles. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that veneers can fix a whole host of dental problems.

Today, we’re pointing out just some of the most common issues we see in our Columbia, TN dental office and how veneers can correct them all for a radiant smile that lasts and lasts!

Veneers: An Amazing Cosmetic Solution

Before we let our excitement carry us away, let’s make sure we tell you what veneers are and what the general veneers process involves.

Veneers are for your smile sort of like acrylic nails are for your hands. You go to a salon and get a layer of material placed onto your fingernail and then shaped and polished for a beautifully enhanced look. The same thing happens when you get veneers, only your tooth is covered by a thin porcelain shell bonded in place to your enamel in a way that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Despite the delicately thin veneer, it’s strength and durability is remarkable! When it’s over, you have a more attractive, flawless smile!

The process begins with a consultation with one of our highly-skilled, experienced professionals. From there, you work as a team to discuss your smile flaws and the best treatment plan to correct them in a way that suits your needs and your budget.

You might go with traditional porcelain veneers, or your unsightly smile problems might be minimal and would be better improved by our no-prep veneers. Whichever is best for your individual needs, you’ll end up with the smile you’ve always wanted.

Veneers: A Quick Fix For Your Smile That Lasts!

Now for the kinds of problems veneers can fix!

Veneers Hide Stains And Discoloration

If your teeth are stained or discolored, you might think that a simple teeth whitening treatment will do the trick. And maybe it will! But there are some stains that are more resistant to that method.

Veneers can hide years worth of stubborn stains that have left your teeth dingy for a dazzling, brighter smile.

Veneers Correct Misshapen Teeth

Not everyone is blessed with perfectly shaped teeth. Thankfully, veneers can be bonded to an awkwardly shaped tooth and then shaped to perfection so your smile looks natural and balanced.

Veneers Cover Cracks In Your Teeth

Even though we put veneers into the cosmetic dentistry category, it can also serve a restorative function as well. It’s one of the many impressive things about dental veneers. A cracked tooth can pose a threat to your oral health, and if left untreated,can grow larger and affect your overall health, too. Veneers can cover unsightly cracks so it not only looks great but remains strong and protected for years to come.

Veneers Fix Chipped Teeth

Sometimes, normal wear and tear or habits like crunching on ice cubes can lead to chips that can taint your entire smile. While we can normally fix something like this with tooth bonding, this isn’t as strong or as lasting a solution as veneers. Like the other flaws we’ve talked about, veneers offer a layer of protection to your chipped tooth so it doesn’t get worse.

Veneers Fill The Gaps In Your Smile

Just because you have gaps between your teeth doesn’t mean you have to spend years wearing braces to pull those teeth tightly together. Veneers can be placed on either side of a gap to close it up and make it look like you spent years undergoing orthodontic treatment!

Get Started With A Consultation Visit!

You can begin with a cosmetic consultation at Beck Dental Care to find out if veneers are the right solution for the problems with your teeth. If you have chips, cracks, gaps, or stains, dental veneers can hide, cover, and protect your smile for a decade or more with proper care and maintenance. Call our Columbia, TN dental office  today at 931-398-5265 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.