A Straight Smile In Six Months From Beck Dental Care [BLOG]

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Most of the time, when you think about orthodontics, it takes you back to those teen years when all your friends at school wore traditional braces. And maybe you did, too. But the truth is, your teeth never really stop moving. So you might be an adult who has noticed slight shifting in your teeth over the last several years but thought your options in orthodontics were too limited. After all, what adult wants to walk around wearing traditional metal braces for all the world to see?

Call our Columbia, TN dental office today at 931-398-5265 and ask about our treatment options in orthodontics. You can come in for an appointment to learn more about Six Month Smiles, a great option for adults looking for a faster, more discreet way to a straighter smile.

Why Six Month Smiles Is A Great Option For Adults

Traditional metal braces are still a highly effective solution for straightening crooked teeth and correcting bite alignment. That’s why it’s still the most popular choice with the teen demographic. When so many people in that age bracket are going through orthodontic treatment around the same time, it feels almost like a rite of passage. You know you’re not alone, and therefore, it’s fairly easy to deal with on a social level.

But when you’re an adult seeking orthodontic treatment, the idea of wearing traditional braces is far more awkward. Imagine walking into a boardroom surrounded by your professional colleagues with a mouth full of metal. Do you really want to be in that position for two to three years? Using valuable vacation or sick days for monthly dental visits all the while? The adjustments you’d have to make to your lifestyle as an adult make traditional braces a far less attractive option.

When you call our office to set up an appointment to start Six Month Smiles, you’ll be one step closer to straighter teeth, and you can reach the end of treatment before most people will probably even notice you were wearing braces in the first place.

If you need more reasons to consider this orthodontic method, keep reading!

Six Month Smiles Are More Discreet

As we said before, you’re an adult who shouldn’t have to worry about looking immature, especially in the workplace, just because you’re wearing braces. Traditional braces are more commonly associated with teens, so why walk around with all that metal in your mouth as a grown up?

Six Month Smiles is a great option for adults because they’re clear and more discreet. The clear brackets are held together with more natural-looking wires that match closely the color of your teeth. It’s a less noticeable orthodontic treatment than metal brackets and wires, so you won’t feel as self-conscious while wearing them.

Six Month Smiles Helps You Smile With Confidence

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, you probably already feel self-conscious about your smile. So another great reason to choose Six Month Smiles from Beck Dental Care is knowing that when your treatment is over, you’ll have a straighter, more attractive smile. Every deserves to feel good about how they look, and with Six Month Smiles, you can restore the confidence you’ve been lacking for so long.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment. Our highly skilled team can help determine if Six Month Smiles is a viable orthodontic solution for you and your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles Are Faster Than Traditional Braces

Since traditional braces straighten all your teeth, they can take a couple of years to properly position every last one of them. But as an adult, you don’t want to invest all the money, energy, and time going the traditional route straightening teeth people won’t even see. Six Month Smiles focuses on the gentle repositioning of the teeth you really only see when you smile, which is why it’s considered a short-term orthodontic solution.

Everyone’s needs are different, of course, but generally, Six Month Smiles can be completed in only six months. As an adult, you have way too many other things that demand your attention on a daily basis. You deserve to have straight teeth without needing to make all sorts of accommodations to fit treatment into your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles Are Less Expensive Than Traditional Braces

With traditional braces, you’re looking at monthly visits for up to two or three years to keep up with tightening and positioning that treatment method requires. But with Six Month Smiles, you don’t have to worry about years worth of appointments that disrupt your work and home schedules. All those visits can add up and hurt your pocketbook, too. You have too many financial and familial responsibilities to mess with all that!

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