Start Six Month Smiles Now For A Straight Holiday Smile [BLOG]

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Summer is barely upon us, so it may seem strange to already start talking about the holidays. Warmth, sunshine, sipping ice cold refreshing drinks while sitting poolside as the kids splash around… this is the kind of scenario at the forefront of our minds. Not jingle bells, Jack Frost, twinkling lights, and crowded shopping malls.

But if you’re an adult who has ever wished you had straight teeth, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the holiday season! That’s because at Beck Dental Care, we offer an orthodontic treatment that is ideal for adults who want a cosmetic solution to their crooked smile in much less time it would take for traditional braces.

That solution is Six Month Smiles, and it may be the perfect orthodontic option to get your smile picture perfect for your holiday party lineup! Call our Columbia, TN dental office today to get started on your six month journey and give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile this Christmas.

Then check out the gifts that a treatment like Six Month Smiles can give you!

Six Month Smiles Gives The Gift Of Confidence

Everyone loves a good party, especially around the holidays! But if you’re someone who is embarrassed about your smile, an invitation to a special event, whether it’s a date, a Christmas or New Year’s party, or just a fun night out with friends to enjoy the festive season, is no reason to celebrate!

It’s actually the opposite, in fact. You feel two opposing emotions, one of longing and one of dread. On one hand, you’d love to go out and enjoy yourself. On the other hand, you just dread the thought of spending an entire evening feeling self-conscious and putting forth all that effort and energy into hiding your smile because of crooked or gapped teeth.

With the help of Six Month Smiles, you can have an attractive, confident smile that makes you want to get out there and show yourself off! You’ll love your new and improved, straight smile and will excitedly embrace all those holiday invites without feeling conflicted.

Six Month Smiles Gives The Gift Of Comfort

One of the things that makes Six Month Smiles unique in the world of orthodontics, besides the duration of treatment, is that it only focuses on the teeth that show when you smile. This means you don’t have to deal with braces on your back molars that can sometimes cause discomfort.

These braces also give you peace of mind. What we mean is that because they use clear braces and tooth-colored wires, you can feel more comfortable wearing them for a few months knowing that most people will hardly notice you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment at all!

Six Month Smiles Gives The Gift Of Time

As the name implies, Six Month Smiles is a huge time saver! Traditional braces can take anywhere from two to three years, so six months is a far more convenient option for adults who have waited long enough to have a smile they love. You’re ready to move on and start enjoying life free from the emotional distress you experience when you’re embarrassed to smile.

So if you get started now, you can skip the long treatment and years worth of maintenance appointments to get them tightened and have a straight, beautiful smile before you can say Merry Christmas!

Six Month Smiles Is A Gift For Your Wallet

You may be surprised to learn that Six Month Smiles is an affordable orthodontic treatment comparable to traditional metal braces, and even more affordable than the clear aligner therapies currently on the market.

So not only are you getting your money’s worth in a shorter amount of time, you can still get the smile you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank as the holiday shopping season approaches!

While you’re planning your days of fun in the sun, make sure you add a visit to Beck Dental Care somewhere on your to-do list soon! We’re excited to help you start your six month journey for a sensational new holiday smile!

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