Sedation: The Superhero Of Dentistry [BLOG]

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Summer isn’t just about getting outside and soaking up the fresh air and sunshine. It’s also the season for movie blockbusters. This is a fairly recent phenomenon that’s widely attributed to Will Smith’s wildly successful breakout movies that opened in theatres during the summer months in the early years of his film career.

Movies like Independence Day and Men In Black paved the way for ensuing summer blockbusters throughout the last couple of decades that involve heroic characters fighting off all kinds of villains, both realistic and fantastical.

So summer entertainment is punctuated by a celebrated idea of the victorious superhero. And that’s what inspires today’s blog from our team at Beck Dental Care!

We offer a variety of options in sedation dentistry, and we thought it was important to talk about what makes sedation a superhero in dentistry and a powerful, transformative tool for our patients.

The Power To Reclaim Your Health

The purpose of sedation is to help patients feel relaxed during medical procedures, which is a wonderful thing because, as we’re sure you’ll agree, undergoing medical treatment no matter how simple or complicated isn’t the most fun way to spend our time!

Since everyone’s level of fear and anxiety varies from person to person, it’s really helpful when a dentist can offer options to suit your needs for feeling comfortable. That’s why we offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Depending on your dental needs, you can choose the sedation method that will work best for you.

Why is this important? It’s important because you might be so fearful of going to the dentist that you avoid routine dental cleanings and exams. Good oral hygiene at home is important, but on its own, it’s not enough to help you avoid gum disease, for example. You need a skilled dental professional with the knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose and successfully treat gum disease in all its various stages.

Sedation options have the power to get your oral health back on track because it gives you the courage to get the dental treatment you need to in order to get and stay healthy.

The Power To Boost Your Confidence

Your physical health is important, no doubt about it. But that’s not to suggest that your emotional and psychological health aren’t equally important. Take stress, for example. Some studies suggest that as much as 80%, if not more, of chronic health problems can be traced back to stress. That’s a pretty powerful claim, but if it’s true, we have to then assume your state of mind has a direct connection to your physical well-being.

So then it’s valuable to talk about the impact a low level of self-confidence can have on your life. If you think about all the ways insecurity and self-consciousness affect your actions, it makes perfect sense! When you’re embarrassed by the problems with your smile, you’ll let it keep you from pursuing what you want out of life.

You might avoid opportunities such as going after a promotion, making friends with new and interesting people, or even taking a risk with a romantic relationship. All of these pursuits can add value and meaning to your life, but without the confidence to go after them, they will inevitably remain always out of reach.

Sedation dentistry helps you not only have a healthy mouth, but it can help you take that next step in getting the cosmetic dental work you might need to transform your smile. If you have the courage to undergo cosmetic procedures, imagine how beautiful your smile could be and what that might do to boost your self-confidence!

Beck Dental Care Can Help You

If you’re ready to have your healthiest, most beautiful smile, then it’s time to explore our options in sedation dentistry at Beck Dental Care! Our team of caring professionals is ready to help you figure out which sedation method will work best for you so that you can finally enjoy your best life. Sedation is a powerful tool, and it’s within your reach right in our Columbia dental office!

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