Get A Whiter Smile For Your Summer Wedding [BLOG]

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From the time you were a little girl, you’ve fantasized about getting married. You may have even thrown on one of your mom’s dresses and pair of heels, and picked some flowers from the backyard to use as your bouquet.

As you got older, you may have given up on playing dress-up, but your dreams of being a bride remained. Now that your dream is finally becoming a reality, it’s time to finalize those wedding plans!

With so much to do, from ordering the cake, to mailing that last invitation, to saying yes to the dress, there’s one more detail you need to put on your checklist.

That’s an appointment for professional teeth whitening at Beck Dental Care! A beautifully white smile is the perfect accessory for your picture perfect day, and we’re excited to offer it to you!

Why A Beautiful Smile Is A Must For Your Wedding

Few days in a person’s life are as important than their wedding day. So, naturally, you everything to be just right. Here are just a few reasons why you want you and your groom to their absolute best on this day especially:

Reason 1 – You want to look good for the person you love most! Walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time is a moment you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life. Of course you’ll want to look beautiful!

Reason 2 – This isn’t just a time to look great for each other, but everyone you care about the most is going to be there celebrating the day with you. All eyes will be on you and the groom from morning until night. You’ll want to look your best!

Reason 3 – Can you think of another life event that warrants the taking of photos and videos quite as much as your wedding day? You’ll be spending a lot of money on a photographer, not to mention everyone walking around with a smartphone is also a photographer and videographer, so your smile will be captured many times throughout the day. You want a beautiful smile you can feel good about as you look back at those moments for years to come.

You want everything about your wedding day to sparkle. Why not make your smile one of them? This is a day you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl, so now is your chance to do all you can to be at your most stunning!

Say “I Do” To Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

You’ve gone to the trouble of scanning Pinterest for months finding the perfect hairstyle for your big day. And you’ve probably booked a makeup artist to help you look perfect. You’ll want a brighter, whiter smile to complete your bridal look.

Teeth whitening treatment at Beck Dental Care offers professional strength take-home treatments that can have you smiling brighter than you ever have.

Get Whiter Teeth In A Hurry!

In our Columbia, TN dental office, you can have dramatic results in as little as one week! You’ll already have the take-home tray with you and can choose when or when not to use them, depending on the results you’re after.

Get Whiter Teeth According To Your Schedule!

Our teeth whitening kits are perfect for the busy bride on the go! You have too many tiny little details to worry about at a time like this. We give you the trays and the whitening gel to take home, and the rest is up to you! If there’s a time of day that’s better than others, then go for it! No appointments or wait times, just the convenience of your own home at your own pace.

Get Whiter Teeth Without The Expense!

Maybe you’ve spent a little too much and have gone a little over budget for the big day. That’s another benefit of trusting your whiter smile to us. Beck Dental Care gives you affordable whitening treatment that makes a big difference without having to break the bank!

Get a whiter, brighter, more beautiful smile for your wedding! Call us today at 931-398-5265 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.