5 Common Reasons For A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [BLOG]

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Some problems come with easy solutions. If you spill your coffee in the morning, you clean it up. When you discover you’re completely out of shampoo, you go to the store and buy some more. The tire on your bike is getting a bit low, you fill it back up so it’s good for the next time you need it.

When you face several problems all at the same time, it can feel sort of overwhelming. As with any problem, though, you simply have to outline a plan of attack and knock out each with a solution one by one.

That’s exactly how our team at Beck Dental Care approaches a full-mouth reconstruction. We look at your all of your dental problems and then design a plan to get your smile and your oral health back to where it needs to be.

Is a full-mouth reconstruction the solution to your dental problems? We’re looking at some of the most common reasons patients might need to use this restorative problem solver!

Common Reason #1 – You’re Embarrassed By Your Smile.

Everyone deserves to have a smile that makes them happy and confident. But when your teeth have been damaged because of decay, disease, infection, neglect, or an injury, it’s really hard to feel that way. You might also be ashamed at how stained your teeth have become after years of dark foods, drinks, or bad habits.

Whatever the cause of your embarrassment, a full-mouth reconstruction can repair damage and remove stains so your teeth will not only function well again, but look great again.

Common Reason #2 – You Have One Or More Missing Teeth.

Problem one of the most common reasons we offer full-mouth reconstruction is because of missing teeth, or teeth that are in danger of falling out. We’re living longer than our teeth were made for, all thanks to advances in technology, the field of medicine, and a growing knowledge about proper nutrition. So as we get older, we’re more at risk for losing our teeth anyway. Also thanks to modern technology, you can use dental implants to replace missing teeth. But there are other reasons people lose their teeth, and they don’t have anything to do with age.

You might have one or more teeth knocked out because of some kind of accident or injury. You  may also have suffered from one of the leading causes of tooth loss in this country, and that’s gum disease.

Regardless of how you got there, replacing your missing teeth is a must, and that’s where a full-mouth reconstruction can save your smile.

Common Reason #3 – Eating And Chewing Has Become Painful.

Eating should be an enjoyable experience. It’s certainly not enjoyable for you if it hurts when you chew! If that’s the case, your dietary choices will inevitably be affected. You’ll avoid many nutritionally dense foods in exchange for softer foods that are easier to eat without all the pain and discomfort.

The pain could from tooth sensitivity to things that are too hot or too cold, damage to your tooth’s root, oral infections, or just cavities that haven’t been treated. By getting to the cause of your pain, a full-mouth reconstruction gets you back to eating pain-free.

Common Reason #4 – You Experience Pain On Some Level All The Time.

If you’re experiencing pain on a fairly consistent basis rather than just when you eat, it’s definitely a sign that something is wrong. Pain is never a good thing and should be checked out by a dental professional like Dr. Beck. He can help determine what’s causing your constant pain, whether it’s a decayed or infected tooth, gum disease, or you need a root canal. With a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Beck and our skilled team can then either repair the problem going on with the tooth, or replace the tooth entirely.

Common Reason #5 – You Want A Better Looking Smile For An Event.

If feeling embarrassed about your smile’s appearance or pain wasn’t enough of a motivator to fix your smile, sometimes all it takes it a very special event. No one wants to be seen by a lot of people, whether it’s at a class reunion or a loved one’s wedding, with a smile that looks unhealthy and unattractive. So sometimes, a full-mouth reconstruction that transforms a person’s overall health and appearance was motivated by a special event!

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